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Do you prefer the old way to the new ways or do you like them right in the middle? The PB4-57 combines the feel and look of the old with the sound and flare of the new with upgraded tuners and bridge. As well as different body wood choices.


-Ash Body - also available are Swamp Ash ($100 extra), Alder ($30 extra)

  • 2-Tone Sunburst, 3-Tone Sunburst, and Black. These finishes are available as relics as well (relic fee is $50 extra).

-Maple Neck / Maple Fretboard with Black mircarta Dot Inlays

-Pickups Available

  • Lollar
  • Sonic Pickups
  • Ulyate
  • Lindy Fralin
  • Aguilar
  • Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Double Stack (+$100)

-2 Saddle Birdge (comes standard) also available with Babicz String Through Bridges or Hipshot Bridges on request for a $75 charge

-Thomastik-Infeld Flat Wound Strings

-Reverse wind Tuners (Clover Leaf)

-Bone Nut

-Reunion Blues RBX Oxford Electric Bass Bag (included)