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$500 is for the Deposit ONLY

Total Price: $1,950.00 US

You will receive an invoice to your provided email address after placing your order (within 48 hours), containing your order specs and any upgrade fees, and it will not include your deposit. You must pay the remaining balance due prior to shipment of your new guitar or bass, but you are free to make payments at your own pace during the build process. The guitar/bass may be built at a slower pace to match your payment schedule if need be.


Order your Classic P Style Bass with your special twist. You can order Relic, Roadworn, or Classic versions. You can also choose a P or PJ Style Bass. A PJ Bass will be an extra $100 charge.

All orders will have a Sonic Pickup Bygone P Bass pickups unless you request something else (charges may apply). Sonic Pickups' version is hand wound with all vintage spec materials and technique, from the individually charged magnets, the scatter winding with heavy Formvar magnet wire of the coils to the cloth pushback wire. These pickups are made to live up to the legendary sound that shaped the modern age beginning in the 60's. Punch, clarity and definition set these apart from others versions of this classic design.  - 11k DCRVintage Output.

If there is a specific Pickup set you want, let me know so we can make it happen.

The Body wood is customizable as well. You can choose between Alder (extra $30 and lighter), Northern Ash (no extra fee and slightly heavier), or Swamp Ash (extra $100 and lighter). 

The necks I currently use are made by Warmoth. They are superbly built and have a great warranty. You can customize these necks to your liking. You can also order a handcrafted neck. A handcrafted is an extra $200 charge. Please contact me if you have any questions at dtaylorguitars@gmail.com

For a 5 String P Bass, request through the comment box. The base price for a PB5 is $1850 and a PJB5 is $1950.

-Reunion Blues RBX Oxford Electric Bass Bag (included)