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You will receive an invoice to your provided email address after placing your order (within 48 hours), containing your order specs and any upgrade fees, and it will not include your deposit. You must pay the remaining balance due prior to shipment of your new guitar or bass, but you are free to make payments at your own pace during the build process. The guitar/bass may be built at a slower pace to match your payment schedule if need be.

Alder Strat Body painted in the iconic Frankenstrat (Red, Black, White) Scheme.

32" Scale Reverse Headstock Jazz Neck

Hipshot Black HB3 Bass Tuning Machines with a 1/2" Shaft

Kahler Black Chrome 4 String Bass Tremelo


Sonic Pickups - Hand wound (both Neck and Bridge Humbucker will be functional unlike EVH's)

Floyd Rose String Retainer

Rotosound Swing 66 Strings

Locking Nut (handmade)

Custom Strat Pickguard

Rotary Switch in the Middle Pickup position.