Johnny David Signature JB4 (Active)

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You will receive an invoice to your provided email address after placing your order (within 48 hours), containing your order specs and any upgrade fees, and it will not include your deposit. You must pay the remaining balance due prior to shipment of your new guitar or bass, but you are free to make payments at your own pace during the build process. The guitar/bass may be built at a slower pace to match your payment schedule if need be.

This Jazz-style Bass features a Slab body, slim profile J neck, pearloid block inlays, and an Active preamp. The Slab Body is double-bound which delivers a stunning look and contrast. The preamp that is included is an Audere ProJZ3 which includes Volume knobs for both the neck and bridge pickups, a Z-Mode 3-way Switch, a High Mid and Low Mid Range tone control knobs, Treble and Bass Tone Control knobs and an LED battery Meter. You can find out more information regarding the Audere PROJZ3 4 Band Preamp here. >>>
The neat thing about this bass is you can chose the body wood, pickups, color, bridge, and the strap buttons you want! Please ensure you list your upgrades in the comment section at checkout. 
-Vintage Reliced Lollipop Tuners
-Sonic Hum-Canceling pickups
        +Neck 10k DCR / Bridge 11k DCR
-Audere Pro JZ3 4 Band Preamp
+Vol Neck/Vol Bridge, Z-Mode 3-way Toggle Switch (Low Z, Mid Z, and High Z), High Mids/Low Mids (with Center Detent), Treble/Bass (With Center Detents), LED Battery Life indicator. Runs off a single 9v battery or two.
-Slab Ash Body with White Binding on top and bottom
+You can also choose to have a body made out of Alder, Mahogany, or Swamp Ash.
-Maple Neck with Rosewood Fretboard with White Pearloid Blocks (Made by Warmoth so you can customize the neck to your specs)
-Fender String Through Bridge
-Reunion Blues RBX Oxford Electric Bass Bag (included)
Available options (extra fee)
Bridge Upgrades
  • Babicz Full Contact Hardware Bridge (string-through or regular / any color) $30 Extra
  • Hipshot A Style Fender Mount, B Style Fender Mount, KickAss, Vintage Style, and TransTone. (Any color) $30 Extra
  • Albridge (Any color) $30 Extra
Pickups Available - no extra charge
  • Lindy Fralin
  • Ulyate Pickups
  • Aguilar Amp
  • Bartolini
  • Delano

Tuner Machines - no extra charge / any color

  • HB1 Tuners
  • HB2 Tuners
  • HB3 Tuners
  • HB5 Tuners
  • USA UltraLites (1/2” and 3/8” shafts)
  • Licensed Ultralites (1/2” and 3/8” shafts)
  • HB7 Tuners
  • HB10 Tuners

Bass Extender - Extra $150

  • BT1 Xtender
  • BT2 Xtender
  • BT3 Xtender
  • BT7 Xtender
  • BT8 Xtender
  • BT12 Xtender
  • USA UltraLite (1/2” and 3/8” shafts)
  • Licensed Ultralite (1/2” and 3/8”

Strap Lock Upgrades - Extra $25

  • Dunlop Locks
  • Fender Locks
  • Grover Locks
  • Schaller Locks
  • D’Addario Locks

Preamp Upgrade/Swap - Extra $75

  • John East (any model)
Please ensure all upgrades or swaps are annotated in the comment box at check out. If you have any questions, message me through the chat window in your browser or email me at
*** Production time is currently 6 Months and can change without notice.