The Artists of D. Taylor Guitars



Johnny David

Johnny David is a dynamic musician and artist who has had the opportunity to travel the world and play bass in front of a wide variety of audiences. Being versatile and adaptive has always been a pursuit of Johnny's. It has paid off by affording him the opportunity to play across multiple genres, from punk rock to blues, oldies to R&B, worship music to funk. He is just as comfortable holding down a laid-back groove for a sizzling blues song as he is exploring ambient atmospheric vibes with the help of his effects pedals. Johnny David also is a member of the SoCal band Like The Morning.

Johnny David plays his Signature JB4 Active Jazz Bass.



Dakota Callen

Dakota is a musician from North Hollywood, California who has played everything from Pop, punk to Funk. As a studio bassist, music director and touring player he has supported many acts from stage shows and artists such as Sebastion Hansson, Keaton Stromberg(Emblem3), and Red Rocks Worship to name a few.